Rick and Morty season 4

Rick and Morty renewal for 70 episodes was dramatically enthusiastic

I don’t see why they bothered ordering so many in advance, that show is going nowhere. First season had a few fun episodes but they took it in a underwhelming direction the last season. Not a very special show to begin with.

I imagine AS offered shorter renewal deals, but they’re competing with Netflix & Amazon in additional to other networks. Rick & Morty is prob one of AS’s biggest successes and most valuable properties so they had to do a long-term deal to keep the show from getting away.

The show was an all guy writers room so it was inevitable they would hire a women. It’s still mostly men so relax, word on the street is one woman already quit to write another 123movies series. The fact you would think that shows how little you know about how shows are written but sure carry on. If you do actually know something I don’t, please tell me where to submit my writing packet.

I don’t have a problem with hiring women (much as people would like to slander me that way). I have a problem with hiring women solely because they’re women. If they’re hired because they’re competent writers and they just happen to be women, great! But that’s not what happened here.

What about the idea that women have a different set of experiences in the world and thus can bring a different perspective to the writing table? Like, if the job was something like hiring the best lawyer or something based more concretely in competence, I can see the logic of your objection more clearly. But I think setting out specifically hire the best female writer is a very different situation. I’m not saying that men can’t write female characters, or vice versa. But I don’t think it should be controversial to suggest that lived experience is an asset to good writing.

My reaction to hearing about the renewal for 70 episodes was dramatically less enthusiastic than how I would have reacted straight after season 1 or even 2; which is revealing to me of how disappointed I was with season 3. I can’t say I have high hopes for the next one, but who knows.

The writing just seemed to become so terribly drab last season, kind of pretentious even, and the good elements of their style of humour started to lose their edge and feel over-trodden… I don’t know if that’s because the style doesn’t age well or because it was more poorly written. It felt like the show was taking itself too seriously and became more opinionated, when not doing those things was precisely what it had going for it.

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